Because many are not able to read the Greedometer Newsletter (they are not paid subscribers) –   I’m making this note publicly viewable via the blog.

Last week saw the Greedometer rise to 6900rpm. Judging by the fact the 2011 crash began with a peak reading of 6700rpm, 6900rpm is high enough to get my attention. 7000rpm is all but inevitable this week.

The Greedometer warned about all 6 previous stock market crashes. It has never reached this level without a stock market crash initiating afterwards.  Will this crash be stopped by more monetary & fiscal candy as the others were?  If you’re staying long any of these assets, you better hope there is more candy in the cupboard.

  • US large cap growth stock
  • US large cap value stock
  • US mid cap growth stock
  • US mid cap value stock
  • US small cap growth stock
  • US small cap value stock
  • international stock
  • commodities
  • high yield bonds

I don’t find hope to be a rational investment strategy.

More in this week’s newsletter (on Thursday).