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Recent Greedometer reading

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The Greedometer® reached 7900 rpm on February 22nd 2013. This tops the 7700rpm peak reading seen 3 months prior to the 57% S&P500 drop (October 2007 – March 2009).

The Greedometer gauge represents strategic (long term) investment risk associated with the S&P500 stock market index.  In other words, it attempts to provide warnings when the S&P500 is at/near a multi-year peak or trough. The Greedometer has 9 input parameters spanning macroeconomic, fundamental, and technical market data. The Greedometer algorithm and gauge are protected via Trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

For a limited time, weekly strategic Greedometer readings will be provided for free in the Greedometer Newsletter.

In order to obtain a full understanding of the strategic Greedometer reading, you’ll need:

  • the context provided by previous readings;
  • mini Greedometer readings;
  • the experience from previous sequences;
  • knowledge of current economic and market data.

All of that is provided in the (paid) subscription weekly Greedometer Newsletter.