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Greedometer 2.0 The Rats Are Jumping Ship.

The book - Greedometer 2.0. The Rats Are Jumping Ship. is now (April 2013) available at amazon.com:  link to amazon.

From a vantage point in January 2013, it appears 2013-2014 is going to be an economic and investment train-wreck.

Greedometer 2.0 will:

  • Provide analysis of the previous points in time when the Greedometer gauge provided a warning prior to a stock market crash.
  • Provide a forecast for 2013 — the warm up for a continued deeper crash in 2014.
  • Be updated to reflect the currency printing press efforts of central banks, and the spreading global recession.
  • Have a chapter devoted to gold and the Bretton Woods agreement.
  • And best of all: the new e-book version will have videos! The more complex graphs will have supporting click-through videos. (subject to any constraints your e-reader has and any that Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble have)


The book trailer: